Late Summer Blooms

As we head towards the late summer months, seeing what is working and what needs work becomes easier. With later spring and early summer flowers finally going over, this makes way for an overhaul. Allowing you to add new colour and dimensions with some later summer flowers.

But which are the best to add to your garden?

5 of the best Late Summer Flowers to add to your garden

Dahlia - Late Summer Flowers - Thrifty Home and Garden


These beautiful plants are just starting to shine as we head into the late summer and autumn months. With bright colours and large flowers, plus vary heights and foliage colour. They are perfect to brighten any border or container.

There are many different varieties of Dahlia, from Large dinnerplate heads to small pompoms. In an array of standout colours. Our favourite is the Waterlily with its rounded petals that spiral around tightly.

To find out more about dahlia’s and the many varieties, check out Know your Dahlia’s.

Echinacea - Perfect Late Summer Blooms - Thrifty Home and Garden


Another large-headed, late summer flower is the Echinacea. With large daisy-like heads, these stunning plants again add height and colour to any garden.

Echinacea is a low-maintenance plant, that is drought tolerant and pest resistant. Although these are hardy, older plants are prone to expiring without any signs of problems so take a few cuttings when you can.

Our favourite variety is the Echinacea Playful Meadow Mama with its bright bi-coloured blooms in raspberry-peach. Plus bees and butterflies love it.

Want to know more about growing Echinacea, pop over to Easy Balcony Gardening for more information

Ceratostigma - Plumbago - Stunning Late Summer Blooms - Thrifty Home and Garden


Now for something a little different. If the last two plants have added height to your garden, this plant will add coverage to your beds. The ceratostigma grows well in both sun and shade and most soil types.

Also know as Chinese Plumbago, this plant produces beautiful deep blue flowers in late summer and its foliage turns burgundy red in the autumn. Spreading up to 18″ wide and 6-8″ tall, this fast-spreading plant will integrate itself into the fabric of your garden.

To find out more about Chinese Plumbago, pop over to Gardener’s World.

Camellia - Stunning Late Summer Flowers - Thrifty Home and Garden


If you are looking for an evergreen with a splash of bloom in the autumn and winter months then an autumnal flowering Camellia is what you need. There are a few different varieties, including the Camellia Reticula and the Winter’s Snowman.

Flowering from October to December this upright camellia is perfect for small gardens. As it doesn’t grow too big, it is perfect for container gardens too.

To find out more about growing and caring for Camellias, check out How to Care for a Camellia Bush

Crocosmia - Unique Autumn Flowers - Thrifty Home and Garden


Our final plant in this round up will not disappoint. Perfect late summer and autumn flower, with delicate funnel-shaped petals amongst long slender green leaves.

Growing to 75 cm tall, these plants tend to clump up and should be separated during spring if they become too clumped together.

Our favourite is the Crocosmia ‘Jupiter’ with its bright orange and red flowers. Perfect colours for those last warm days of summer.

Relatively easy to care for, you can read more about them over at RHS.

Which are your favourite late summer flowers to add to your garden?