Budget Bathroom Updates

Budget Bathroom Updates

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used places in the home. Yet, it is also often forgotten when we update our homes. Today we’re going to look at quick and simple bathroom budget updates you can do this weekend.

7 Budget Bathroom Updates you can do this Weekend

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Mirror, Mirror…

What is the one thing everyone uses in the bathroom?

No not the toilet, although you are right everyone does use that. No, I’m talking about the mirror. Whether we’re brushing our teeth or washing our face we like to check we’re doing it right.

Depending on the space you have, you can make a feature out of the mirror you choose. Round mirrors are always popular, especially if you bath a seaside themed bathroom.

Freestanding mirrors can also create a sense of space in a small bathroom. Plus they can increase the light in a dark room.

Replace your shower curtain to refresh your bathroom - Thrifty Home and Garden

Curtain Call

This refresh is two-fold. Not only can you update your shower curtain to add new colour, texture or create a feature. You can also replace your window curtains with a blind.

Shower curtains come in a variety of designs from minimal to art inspired. So, even if you have only a tiny bathroom with minimal space to incorporate artwork, why not utilise the shower curtain to show off your eclectic taste.

As with blinds or new window curtains. Many bathroom windows are small, so add something new to this area isn’t going to break the bank. If you’ve added a show-stopping shower curtain, you may want to go for a plain colour curtain or a wooden blind to not detract for this.

Add plants to update your bathroom on a budget - Thrifty Home and Garden
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Plant Power

Accessories are an inexpensive way to update. From new soap dispensers to toothbrush holders these simple touches can change the feel of the room.

Another great accessory to add to your bathroom are plants. There are many different varieties of house plants that will love to live in your warm bathroom from ferns to succulents.

If you’re a bit worried about killing off living plants, you could also try artificial ones. There are some that look so real you have to touch them to see if they are.

Under sink and over toilet storage for adding those finishing touches to your bathroom revamp on a budget - Thrifty Home and Garden
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Storage Space

You can never have enough storage in any room in your home. Yet, many of us aren’t utilising the space we have in our bathrooms.

One space that we forget about is the area above our toilets (unless it is under a window like mine.) Adding shelving to this space will allow you to store towels, excess toiletries, or accessories.

Other areas you can introduce storage to are corners or under the sink. OIt can be as simple as a caddy or some baskets.

Add new hardware to your bathroom cabinets to update the look on a budget - Thrifty Home and Garden
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Hardware Refresh

These small changes can create a fresh new look to your bathroom suite.

Introducing new cupboard handles can refresh dated cabinets and a new pull cord end that matches will tie-up the loose ends. Add to that matching towel holder, toilet roll holder and bathrobe hook, your co-ordinated bathroom will look complete.

If you have the time and the skill, you could replace your taps on your sink and bath to really revive your bathroom.

Replace your shower head to update your bathroom on a budget - Thrifty Home and Garden

New Head

One place many of us forget to replace is our shower heads. As much as you can clean them and remove the limescale, over time they can become blocked and cracked.

Investing in a new head doesn’t have to be an expensive upgrade, there are many budget-friendly heads available on the market.

When replacing, why not think about the colour of the rest of your bathroom and either add a shower head in the same or contrasting colour. Also, you can now buy shower heads with internal filters to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water you are using.

For the finishing touch, add new towels to your refreshed bathroom - Thrifty Home and Garden
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Soft Touches

Finally, add new soft touches to complete your update. Co-ordinating or matching towels, flannels and bath mat will finish the look.

Either choose a colour that is already in the decor of the refresh or add a contrasting colour to make these touches stand out.

When choosing towels, touch is as important as aesthetics. There is nothing worse than buying towels that aren’t soft after a few washes. You can still get great feeling towels on a budget.

I really hope this has shown you that you don’t have to replace your existing suite at a huge expense to update your bathroom. These budget bathroom updates are just a few ideas and you can do them all or just a few to create a new feel to your sanctuary.

Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget - Budget Bathroom Update - Thrifty Home and Garden

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