Garden Maintenance – August

Garden Maintenance – August

August, the hottest month of the year, usually. So when it comes to garden maintenance, watering and pruning are the main jobs this month.

August’s Garden Maintenance List

August - The Month of Watering - Thrifty Garden and Home


With the weather turning hot this month, watering will be your top priority. Especially for all new plants, containers and vegetables.

Ideally, use greywater, as your water butts will be low (unless we have a normal British summer!).


The main plants to prune this August are your Wisteria and summer-flowering shrubs such as Lavender. Below is a short video on how to prune your Wisteria

Summer fruiting trees should also be pruned back to allow the fruit to ripen and encourage good cropping next year.

Apple trees need pruning around the third week in August whilst pear trees can be pruned from mid-July.

Also, continue to cut out old fruited canes from your raspberry bushes.

Collect seeds to regrow next year - August Gardening Jobs - Thrifty Home and Garden

Seed Collection

Collecting seeds is a great way to keep the cost of gardening down. August is the perfect time to collect seeds from all of your summer flowering plants and shrubs.

Depending on how your plants produce seeds, you will need to leave them on your greenhouse workbench or a warm windowsill. This will allow them to dry out and open up the seed pods ready to store and replant.

Harvest sweetcorn -Garden to do list August - Thrifty Home and Garden


Continue to harvest the fruit and vegetables as they become ready. Sweetcorn, onions, French and runner beans, courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes.

By harvesting as they ripen, it helps to continue fruiting and reduces the risk of the vegetables becoming stringy.

Feed your soil - August To Do List - Thrifty Home and Garden


Finally, you need to feed your soil with green manure. This will help to soak up all the nutrients so they aren’t washed away over the winter months. They also help to reduce weed growth.

Green manure includes buckwheat and fenugreek, as they form dense foliage.

Garden maintenance is an ongoing job, new tasks each month. Pop back each month to make sure you know what tasks need completing to ensure your garden continues to flourish and bloom.

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