Purify your home with plants

Purify your home with plants

Air Purifying Plants

One of the best ways you can help to keep your home clean and fresh is to incorporate fresh indoor plants into your home decor. Another added bonus is that these plants can also purify your home air.

Fresh plants not only help make your home feel more homely they also work to purify and clean the air from various chemicals such as pollen and mould to external chemicals like car exhausts.

Assortment of Green Houseplants to Purify your Home

Today we’re going to share with you a list of air purifying house plants that are perfect for indoors. Most of these plants are easy to grow, even if you have a black thumb, and will make a lovely addition to your home decor.

Purify your Home with these plants from beginner to green thumb enthusiast.

This first set of plants are perfect for novice keepers as they tolerate low light and don’t need much water or care.

A Rubber Plant is also perfect for low light and likes dry soil

The Peace Lily prefers low light and watering only when the soil is dry

Finally, Spider Plants prefers moderate indirect sunlight perfect for bathrooms and only requires watering when the soil feels dry.

Fern on a desk - air purifying plants for the home

These next set of plants are perfect for bathrooms. If you keep these in your bathroom where you shower you won’t need to worry about air humidity. However, to keep these in another room in your home you’ll need to be sure to spritz the foliage with water to keep them happy

Boston Fern prefers indirect light and constantly moist soil great for  well-lit bathrooms

Broad Lady Palm loves moist air and is perfect for the bathroom

Chinese Evergreen prefers low light and moist air

The next two plants require a bit more care and lots of sunlight

Weeping Fig loves bright indirect sunlight. Water lightly when the top of the soil feels dry.

Aloe Vera plant prefers plenty of sunlight and dry soil. Only water when the soil dries completely

Wall decor incorporating house plants

Once you have the hang of keeping plants. These next few would be perfect to try.

English Ivy likes moist soil and lots of light.

Golden Pothos tolerates low to medium light and only requires watering when soil is dry.

Dragon Tree or Red-edged Dracaena.  Water when the soil feels dry and prefers medium sunlight.

Snake plant or Mother in Laws Tongue.  Bright medium light and well-drained soil.

Want some flowers as well as greenery in your home?

Barberton Daisy. Needs moist well-drained soil and lots of sun.

Chrysanthemum or Garden Mum love plenty of sunlight and water when soil is dry.

14 house plants anyone can keep to purify your home

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