How to clean copper quickly without chemicals

How to clean copper quickly without chemicals

Looking for a cheap and easy way to clean copper quickly?

Metal accents are still popular and one of my favourite things to search out whilst thrifting.

From plates to cups, copper is a great addition to any room but buying preloved can mean it needs some TLC when you get it home.

If like me, using ready-made chemical cleaners is a no-no due to the unknown damage it might cause the item or your families health then check out these two quick and simple methods straight from your store cupboard.

How to clean copper quickly…


Ketchup is great for cleaning copper quickly

One of the easiest ways to clean up your copper is with a simple squirt of tomato ketchup. Yes, that’s right, ketchup.

All you need is a squirt on some paper towel and to rub it onto the surface.

Leave it for a couple of minutes.

Rinse off in your sink

Instant shiny copper

Lemon and Salt

lemon and salt also cleans tarnish from copper quickly

Here’s another quick and simple way to restore your copper to its best.

Grab a fresh lemon and cut it in half.

Dip it into some salt and using the lemon half rub the salt and lemon juice onto the copper.

You will see the tarnish disappear before your eyes.


Simple rinse off in the sink and dry with a paper towel.

Both these methods will leave your tarnished copper shining bright.

Have you found any other ways of cleaning your copper accents without all those harsh chemicals? Please share them in the comments.

how to clean copper quickly without chemicals

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