Quick and easy bedroom updates

Quick and easy bedroom updates

Fed up with how your bedroom is looking? Want to update your decor but haven’t got the budget to completely redo your room? Then check out these quick and easy budget-friendly bedroom updates, you can do this weekend.

If your bedroom is in dire need of a makeover, resist the urge to hire in decorators or designers. There’s a host of do-it-yourself ways you can inject some much-needed va-va-voom into a room, and here are four of our favourites!

Bedroom updates on a budget

The Power of Paint

painting to refresh a room

Forget expensive wallpapers. Paint is the DIY redecorator’s medium of choice when it comes to brightening up a room. It is cheap, available everywhere and requires little or no prior experience to get right. All you need is a roller, small brush and enough time to ply three or so coats on to the walls. If you’re new to painting, aim to keep the same consistency of paint across the entire wall and bear in mind that the room will appear slightly mottled until the final coat is down.

Buy it Online

by online for best deals on furniture

You don’t need to wander down to the shops to buy new furniture when you’ve got a smartphone or PC. You can buy big-ticket items on the net for huge discounts. Take beds, for example. You can find mattresses, duvets, bed frames and even high-quality leather headboards for prices far below the high street equivalent. What’s more, with such rampant competition on the net, many firms will offer free recycling of old furnishings and free delivery too!

Thrifty Finds

find unique furinture at thrift stores

If you have a bit more time, second-hand, charity and thrift stores are a great option for finding something cheap and unique. You will have to root around a few places, but there are some amazing pieces to be found, all for utterly rock-bottom prices. Even if a piece is looking a little bedraggled, a good sanding and a lick of paint are all that is needed to turn outright shabby into beautiful chic.

The Power of Lighting

add new lamps to refrsh your room

Adding new lighting to your bedroom can inject a new feel to the room. You should embrace new and interesting lamp and lampshade styles, placing these strategically in the room to emphasize stand-out pieces of furniture or areas of the room that are devoid of natural light.

Adding multi-coloured strip lighting can really emphasise an area of your room too. It can also be incorporated into the latest smart home control system to improve the security and efficiency of your home too.

budget-friendly bedroom updates

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