Work from home? Here’s how you can save money TODAY

Work from home? Here’s how you can save money TODAY

Working from home is already saving you money. No longer are you having to commute to work, pay for unnecessary childcare and spend money in a coffee shop or supermarket for your dinner, all great ways you already save money.

Yet, there are even more ways you can save money whilst working from home, and here are our top 3.

Position your desk in direct sunlight.

Sit in direct sunlight to save money and be happier

 This will not only give you better lighting to work in but it will also make you feel happier when the sun is shining outside. Although you may not be able to sit in the garden when the weather is good, you’ll be surprised by how good it feels just to see the sun and feel its warmth on your skin, even through a window. Plus it will save you money on electric too.

Limit your energy usage.

use your laptop off the battery during the day

One of the biggest expenses for anyone running a business from home is bills. But with a bit of thought, you can lower your bills and save money. Check your double glazing to make sure it is sealed as this can cause heat to escape. If you use a laptop, charge it overnight when your electricity rates are usually cheaper. Run it off its battery through the day. Only switch your printer on as and when you need it. Try to remember to switch everything off at the plug socket.

Use Skype for your calls.

Use skype for your business calls

This is a great way to save money as you are not having to pay for your calls on your landline and mobile. Plus, it can be nice to actually see the person you are talking too. There are also some great packages to call client using Skype, especially if you are using it for international calls.

I’d love to hear your tips on how to save money whilst working from home.

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